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Patricia Manzitti

Patricia Manzitti was born and raised in Australia, a self-taught artist who has been producing exquisite art since the age of 18 months.

Over the years she has developed her artistic skills through a variety of mediums, including watercolors, acrylics, pastels, oil and charcoal, and recently Graphite drawings and Mixed Media.

Her use of color and form gives life to her works as also a glimpse into her inner spirit of joy and love for all that God has created. Patricia has a particular and innate predisposition to tonal composure and overall vision. Her works allow a glimpse into her exclusive style that is original and valid in the artistic world. This unique style is none more visible than through her drawings, organic curves that blends that sense of twisting that cubism achieves as also abstractions that are sublime but strong in message.

Patricia paints and draws to tell her relationship with nature and God that inspires her, and a source of pleasant enchantment for the soul and source of infinite sensitivity. Through every one of her artworks there is never a complete detachment from reality, instead she successfully bridges that which is transcendent and surreal with that which is real. In short, an integration of vision that touches the soul.

Recently her artworks have included subtle yet direct messages to the world following this viral pandemic – messages which have touched millions around the world through her social media outreach and contacts.

She is internationally recognized in both Europe and the United States with multiple awards. Patricia is as an artist who is introducing that which is fresh and new to the Modern art world and has successfully created a drawing style and abstract art that is indeed her own. Like Picasso who wanted to be recognized as a master of something new and not permitting to be told what or how to produce his art, she appears to have followed in his footsteps in the wanting to be truly unique in the work that she produces. Patricia has strived closer to being a truly unique artist who someday soon hopes to be known as a master of free curve drawings and multidimensional linear abstract art.