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Beruja Correia De Souza



I must tell you about Collage. Collage has existed as an art medium for centuries, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that collage art really came into its own. The French term collage was introduced by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, who both made use of collage techniques in their Cubist paintings. collage was also popular among the artists of the Dada movement. Over the years many artists have incorporated advertisements, fashion editorials, and other material from pop culture into collaged works as a means of critiquing this imagery. 

Whether they work with digital media or focus on paper, all of these contemporary artists are working with collage in inventive ways. Many are photographers who utilize collage as a space for experimenting with the photos they’ve taken. Others are painters who make use of found materials to add texture and meaning to their works. They’re all sure to offer inspiration, whether you’re a collage artist yourself or simply looking for interesting imagery to spark new ideas. Today, digitally-made photomontages and collages offer a new way of exploring the medium.

I had a year and a half of life and I was already attracted to the color. I was in the garden of my house and saw some beautiful red peppers, shining in the sun. I dropped my mother’s safe hand and I ran to the feet of pepper and not content to admire them, I came closer to shake them, – despite my mother’s warnings – I came close to touch them and why not, squeeze them, until their heat penetrated deep into my eyes. I began to roll down the floor in despair. It all happened in seconds.