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Agnes Parcesepe “Agili”



Agnes had her first Solo Painting Exhibition, at the Cotham Gallery 101 in Kew in November 2002. She paints under the name of Agili, and her works often include a small Seahorse hidden in the composition.

After studying with artists such as Alan Close, Nell Frysteen and Walter Magilton, she developed her own style, with which to produce unusual paintings, for the enjoyment of buyers.

Although primarily a watercolourist, Agnes likes to work in acrylic, oil, pastels and ink. She believes that practising in all mediums, allows her to develop skills and techniques, to use in the creation of her own unique works of art. Agnes wanted to come up with some unusual and unique paintings that would make a lasting impression on viewers.

She has developed a special interest in mixed media paintings, incorporating multicoloured material layers, silk, ribbons and various fabrics and beads, for a three dimensional effect for cityscapes, sky-lined against rich, vibrant watercolour skies. In particular her watercolours can take up of fourteen layers of carefully applied individual hues. Agnes’s use of watercolour washes has received local, regional, national and international recognition.

Agnes uses her own photographs of her favourite city, Melbourne, to capture the different times of day and the colours that the city displays, to guide her interpretation of city scenes. She has also produced mixed media creations of other cities for commissioned works.

Agnes uses pigment to achieve moody dynamic skies and textures, for colourful buildings, to support her message, her paintings convey the time of day and the atmosphere of the city in a very different way from that normally seen in artistic interpretations.

She works with different media and materials to produce vitally different Abstracts, Still Life, Landscapes and Floral paintings. Some of these are shown on this web-site.

Her paintings have been well accepted in private and corporate collections, in Germany, Italy and Japan. She has travelled to La Palma in the Canary Islands, Malaysia, Canada and South Africa, Argentina, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the Ex-Yugoslavia.

With prices starting from $300 per painting depending on size, media and time involved in planning, preparation and creation, she believes most people will find something within their budget.

Agnes is a member of the “Family of Artist “   Amsterdam Whitney Gallery   NY, Australian Guild of Realist Artists (AGRA), The Water Colour Cociety Of Victoria, The Water Colour Cociety Of Australia, Friends Of Montsalvat, Whitehorse Arts Association and Sherbrooke Art Society.